Company Profile

The Tech Lab is a diversified conglomerate offering a range of products from basic microscopes and viewers to the most sophisticated image analysis systems, laboratory test and evaluation equipment, consumables and associated handling products and laboratory furniture.

The Tech Lab has evolved out of our core business, which concentrates on meeting customer requirements through the sourcing and supply of specialist equipment. With 60 years of experience in 3rd Party sourcing and procurement, we provide the facility to offer our customers either an online gateway to purchase items of test equipment and lab apparatus or a personalised approach either through our website or directly with clients to whom we provide detailed quotations for specific procurement requirements for businesses, laboratories and educational establishments up and down the country. The Tech Lab has re-invented the concept of third-party sourcing and procurement being one of the UK’s leading specialists in purchasing for Research and Development organisations particularly focusing on the chemical, fine chemical and pharmaceutical and research industries, as well as diversifying into many other industrial scientific and technological laboratories.

Our diverse portfolio of complementary innovative laboratory products, provide our customers with an expansive choice of test and analysis equipment and laboratory furniture, supplied from a group of leading scientific manufacturers from around the world and delivering leading-edge test technology that provides consistently reliable and accurate results, with test equipment designed to conform to international test standards. 

We focus on rapid order processing and a quick response to enquiries. 

We are committed to working closely with both our customers and our supplier. For our customers, we identify the products you need, and aim to offer these at the best price and, within project timescales.

For our suppliers, we work hard to ensure they provide the very best service objectives to meet our customers’ requirements. 

The Tech Lab delivers a fast, efficient and most important, cost-effective procurement service to supply our customers. For many large organisations, order processing can be a very costly and complex bureaucratic exercise and in most cases, we can reduce time-scales and deliver a less costly optimal solution shortening the supply-chain

Working through The Tech Lab we can purchase one-off items which otherwise may not be practical to obtain. Out-sourcing though The Tech Lab offers your business significant economies of scale that is critical to reducing laboratory costs. 

Whether you're working in a university research lab or a medicinal chemistry department in a pharmaceutical company, or life science, we will strive to support the pharmaceutical, biotech, industrial, educational, governmental and healthcare industries.