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Flat Crush Test Fixture
Evaluates the resistance of flutes in corrugated board to a crushing force applied perpendicular to ..
Flexibility & Surface Friction Tester
Handle-O-Meter measures “handle” which is the combined effects of flexibility and surface friction o..
The Flexseal® is an advanced leak detection system designed for monitoring the seal performance of f..
Foam Compression Tester
The IDM Foam Compression Tester is used for determining the deflection force of flexible cellular po..
Foam Compression Tester (Car Seats, Mattresses)
Used to evaluate a degree of firmness and hardness, common within the foam and furniture industries,..
Foam Compression Tester (For Car Seats)
The Foam Compression Tester is used to evaluate a degree of firmness common within the foam and furn..
Foam Compression Tester – Portable
This bench top operated Foam Compression Tester is designed to automatically determine Compression L..
Foam Constant Displacement Foam Fatigue Tester
The Constant Displacement Foam Fatigue is a floor standing instrument with two daylight samples area..
Foam Constant Load Pounding Machine
The Constant Load Pounding Machine is used for the determination of loss in thickness and loss in ha..
Foam Impact Tester - Vertical
The Vertical Foam Impact Tester performs the procedure for determining the dynamic cushioning perfor..
Foam Pat High Speed Mixer
The High Speed Mixer is used for the rapid mixing of foam compounds to produce a well-mixed sample p..
Foam Pat Mixer
A smaller version of model M0004, the Foam Pat Mixer helps produce a well-mixed sample pat, which ca..
Foam Porosity Meter
CellFlo is a pocket sized digital instrument, ergonomically designed with soft grip edges for hand-h..
Foam Porosity Tester - Automatic
The Auto FPT is used for monitoring the porosity of flexible cellular polyurethane. The machine dete..
Foam Resilience Tester
The Foam Resilience Tester has been manufactured to determine the resilience of flexible cellular po..