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Water Resistance of Glue Bond Tester
Specifically designed to determine the resistance of corrugated paperboard to withstand wet conditio..
Water Vapour Permeation Analyzers - Gravimetric
With the Gravimetric Method, these units test the water vapour transmission rate (WVTR) of packaging..
Water Vapour Permeation Analyzers - Infrared
With the Infrared Detection Sensor Method, this unit tests the water vapour transmission rate of var..
Water Vapour Transmission Tester
Used for the preparation of test pieces for the accurate measurement of the water vapour transmissio..
Wet Din Abrader
The Wet Din Abrader determines the resistance of rubber to abrasion using a cylindrical drum device..
Wrap Reels
Highly efficient, reliable in performance and have a longer service life, these high quality Wrap Re..
Z-Span™ Tester
The Z-Span™ manual bench top tester measures zero and short pan tensile strength with individually l..
Z-Span™ Tester (Automated)
The Automated Z-Span™ Tester can automatically update a local PC-based Excel data- base. The Automat..