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Box Compression Testers
The Box Compression Tester is a floor-mounted machine where a complete pallet can be loaded into the..
Box Opening Pressure Tester
The Box Opening Pressure Tester has been designed to measure the opening force of flat stacked carto..
IDM offer a range of economical and easy to use brightness testers which provide instantaneous digit..
Bursting Strength Tester
The Bursting Strength Tester determines the bursting strength of paper, board and corrugated board. ..
  Technical features: * Temperature range +5C to +55C  * Outer..
C3 TAL Refrigerated Incubator  Temperature & Light
C3TAL Refrigerated Incubator  Temperature & Light Technical features: ..
CALogix Multi-loop Controller
CALogix is a modular system that consists of a DIN-rail mounted base unit and up to 4 control module..
Canadian Freeness Tester
The Canadian Freeness is used for the precise determination of the drainability of a pulp suspension..
Car Window Seal Friction Tester
The Car window Seal Friction tester is used for fast, accurate and reliable evaluation of the static..
Carbon Black Dispersion Tester
The Carbon Dispersion Tester covers the degree of dispersion of carbon black in rubber. Via PC usin..
Carpet Dynamic Load Tester
The Carpet Dynamic Load Tester is used for determining the thickness loss of textile floor covering..