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Coefficient of Friction Tester
The C0008-VS model has all the same features as the C0008 with the addition of speed from 50 – 300m..
Coefficient of Friction Tester - Standard
The standard C0055-M1 unit can measure Static COF (peak) from a resting position and continue to mov..
Coefficient of Friction Tester – with Variable Speed
The C0055-comes with the addition of variable speed from 50 – 300mm/min using a stepper motor for ac..
Coefficient of Friction Tester – with Variable Speed & Heated Platen
With variable speed, touch screen operation & in-built heated platen, model C0055-M3 is most ide..
Coefficient of Friction Testers
IDM’s COF Testers determine the static and kinetic friction of sheeted materials and can measure St..
Color Touch Series
With swing-in calibration, primary calibration, Color Touch PC software, sample viewing, and optiona..
Colour Analyzer
The RGB-1002 is a portable colour analyser equipped with an external sensor probe having a 45º / 0º ..
Colour Check Cabinets
Used for assessing colour changes under different light sources, to determine suitability of materia..
Colour Comparative System
An extremely light weight instrument, the ColorStriker is userfriendly and can be used in various i..
Colour Comparitive System
This system is user-friendly and can be used in various industries to test almost any material or su..
Colour Fastness Tester
The Colour Fastness Tester is one of a series for determining the colour fastness of textiles to va..
Colour Proofing Kit
The Quickpeek Color Proofing Kit is used to quickly produce a proof that replicates how ink will app..
Compression Tester, 65 Tonne
The 65 Tonne Press is easy to use with an electric hydraulic pump with a vertical above mounted cyl..
Concora Fluter
This machine is used to form test flutes in medium in preparation for crush tests. Temperature is ma..
Constant Deflection Compression Tester
The Constant Deflection Compression Tester is designed to measure the change of thickness of a polyu..