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The air permeance is the flow of air through unit area under unit pressure difference in unit time, ..
Digital Crockmeter
The Crockmeter is designed to determine colour fastness from dry or wet tests. A test specimen is cl..
Digital Micrometer
Used to measure the thickness of paper, plastic, tissue and other sheeted material, these units auto..
Digital Micrometers
This range of instruments is used to measure the thickness of paper, plastic, tissue and other sheet..
Digital Thermostat ET2011
Compact 77mm x 35mm digital thermostat for general industrial applications. Thermocouple or PT100 se..
Din Abrader
The Din Abrader is primarily for use in determining the resistance of vulcanised rubber to abrasive..
Equipment for the laboratory wet disintegration of pulp and the correct preparation of pulp suspensi..
Drum Dryer
The Pulmac Speed dryer is used to rapidly pre-dry collected rejects or accepts from the Pulmac Maste..
Dry Bath Aging Block
The Dry Bath Aging Block is used for determining the long-term effects of elevated temperature on v..
Drying Cabinet
The Drying Cabinet is used for the rapid drying of textile samples. The Drying Cabinet can be operat..
Drying Ovens
Drying Ovens are available to suit a variety of heating and drying applications. Fan forced ovens fe..
DuPont Impact Tester
The DuPont Impact Tester has been designed to test the endurance of coated material, when impacted b..
IDM supply a range of analogue and digital Durometers which are designed to measure the hardness of ..
Dynamic Fatigue Tester
Provides complete testing solutions for various types of materials and component analysis. Features ..
Dynamic Testing System
Performs intensive fatigue testing on specimens with three-axis force application (horizontal, verti..