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BK Drying Recorders
A needle carrier holding six hemispherical ended needles travels the length of the six 305 x 25 mm t..
IDM offer a range of economical and easy to use brightness testers which provide instantaneous digit..
Carton Crease Proofer
This user friendly instrument is commonly utilised in ink laboratories to assist the development of ..
Coefficient of Friction Tester
This unit is used to determine the coefficient of static friction of most packaging materials. As th..
Color Touch Series
With swing-in calibration, primary calibration, Color Touch PC software, sample viewing, and optiona..
Colour Proofing Kit
The Quickpeek Color Proofing Kit is used to quickly produce a proof that replicates how ink will app..
Contact Angle Tester
The Contact Angle tester is designed to check surfaces properties for contamination, adhesion and pr..
Crease & Stiffness Tester + Sample Cutter
The sample cutter (C0016) is used to accurately prepare specimens for testing. Crease and stiffness ..
Crease Tester for Round Corner Samples
The C0039-M2 is specifically designed to determine the crease recovery for cartons with rounded corn..
Cross Hatch Adhesion Testers
The Elcometer 1542 is ideal for measuring the cross hatch adhesion of coatings up to 250μm (9.8mils)..
The air permeance is the flow of air through unit area under unit pressure difference in unit time, ..
Fineness of Grind Gauges
Used to determine the particle size and fineness of grind of materials such as paints, pigments, ink..
Global Standards Tester
The sophisticated Global Standard Tester has constant speed and is equipped with two printing shafts..
Gloss Meters – Multi Angle / Gloss+Haze
A range of Gloss Meters are available to determine the specular reflection of various materials. Glo..
IDM Instruments supply a range of Guillotines to suit various applications. Bench top and free stan..